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Three Things Your Wedding Ring Can Do for You

Wedding rings are no longer like the designs of your grandmother’s plain gold band. While the traditional band continues to appeal, many people are looking for more unique bands that reflect their personalities and lifestyles.

Consider these ideas to choose from or create a ring that is as unique and lasting as your love.

platinum wedding rings

– Connect with Tradition

Although most people think of gemstones in relationship to engagement rings, a growing number of wedding band styles incorporate precious gems. Build family connections into your wedding jewelry by resetting stones from a piece of jewelry that has sentimental value.

Think outside the box (the ring box, that is) to consider using stones from necklaces, brooches and bracelets. Talk to a jeweler about how different settings can be used to incorporate different sizes of stones into rings for both men and women.

– Make a Statement

Wedding band styles provide almost as much variety of choice as engagement ring styles. Some couples want their wedding bands to truly shine. Etchings, engravings or pave settings with crusts of gems can give the band a sparkle and personality that reflects your personal style.

Textures on the surface of the band create depth and character. Pave settings that literally “pave” the ring with stones reflect light and brightness. Detailing on the surface of the band pushes it from plain to pizzazz.

– Be Bold and Beautiful

One of the most appealing contemporary wedding ring choices for couples who want beauty and durability is titanium. While more normally associated with aerospace and medical applications, titanium has become a popular choice for wedding bands.

A titanium wedding ring is strong, durable and beautiful. The unique properties of titanium allow for unusual settings, designs and combinations with other materials. One of the most interesting and unique uses of titanium is the tension setting titanium ring, in which stones appear to float unsupported between parts of the ring. And while titanium rings are in high demand, the cost is not prohibitive.

Whether you want your ring to connect to tradition, make a statement or reflect bold confidence, find a jeweler who can advise you on how to implement your plan. For example, if you want to reset a stone, you may be able to choose a semi-mount setting that incorporates your special stone without the full cost of a completely custom designed ring.

For statement rings, look for jewelers who limit the number they sell of each design. Again, you will get the exclusivity of a limited design without the full price of a custom design. For contemporary choices, look for jewelers, like Titanium Style, who work primarily with newer materials, such as titanium and tungsten. They will be more likely to have a range of styles and designs in these elements.