antique diamond ringA platinum diamond engagement ring may be the finest piece of jewelry you’ll ever own.

Platinum (which is totally different from white gold, so don’t get the two confused) is a precious metal because it’s quite rare.

It takes 10 tons of ore to produce one ounce of platinum, compared to only three tons of ore for an ounce of gold.

Today, though, it’s easier than ever before to buy a platinum engagement ring.

What Makes A Platinum Engagement Ring So Special?

Some of today’s most famous jewelry designers have developed an immense passion for using platinum in their jewelry designs. It’s one of the strongest and most durable metals available. And it shows little wear even after being worn every day, which makes a platinum engagement ring a great choice.

Platinum is also hypoallergenic, so you never have to worry about developing a nasty case of rash-around-the-finger from a platinum engagement ring. If you are interested to find out more, here is a list of other properties that platinum has.

Also, platinum’s luxurious, white luster provides the perfect setting for diamonds and other jewels. This exquisite luster enhances other stones’ brilliance so that they appear clearer, shinier, and deeper. Maybe that’s the reason platinum was chosen for the setting of the Hope Diamond.

You’ll be in excellent company if you choose a platinum diamond engagement ring.

“Platinum’s luxurious, white luster provides the perfect setting for diamonds”

And then there’s the fact that a platinum engagement ring is highly fashionable, while being elegant at the same time. Platinum has an understated elegance that doesn’t go unnoticed. Just mention the word platinum to a group of women, and they’ll immediately begin extolling its graces. That’s because platinum’s reputation for luxury and elegance automatically come to mind.

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing a platinum engagement ring or a platinum diamond engagement ring, good for you! You’re being very smart. Platinum is well worth the investment for both quality and durability.

And, hey, if it’s good enough for the Hope Diamond, then it’s likely you’ll find it good enough for you!